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The “Press Trainer” project is for those who want to improve their health, lose weight, remove belly fat, and, on top of that, build up their core muscles. Not only at the age of 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 years old, training is suitable for any age, and regardless of gender, whether you are a man or a woman over 30 – 40 years old. The project presents ready-made complexes – training programs exclusively with your own body weight, so that your workouts are not harmful to health, and only bring benefits.

The site contains photos and videos of exercises that you can perform both at home and in the gym, on the street, the choice is yours, where it will be convenient and comfortable for you to train.

All video workouts with different intensity and load, different number of exercises, you can choose, if you are a beginner, you can first perform 2 movements – try your strength, if you have enough strength and endurance, then increase the load and perform with 3 – 4 exercises.

How to pump up perfect abs for a guy or a girl

Many teenagers at the ages of 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 years old and adult men and girls strive for ideal muscle proportions; for many, a pumped up torso, a figure like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s is a silhouette of beauty, but the former 80 -90 years have passed, it’s the 21st century where everyone has their own ideal figure, for some there are biceps in the mirror – that’s cool, but for others there are abs… Everyone is pursuing their goal, according to statistics, girls are more interested in having a flat stomach, a narrow waist , and strive for parameters of 90-60-90; models generally have such proportions. Guys, on the contrary, want to build up muscle mass with a minimum percentage of subcutaneous fat.

Today it is known that fitness bodybuilding culture is developing the fastest – this is confirmed by competitions that are held in different cities every year.

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What percentage of fat should be in order for the cubes to be visible?

A powerful, inflated abs are visible when the body contains no more than 12% subcutaneous fat; those who engage in professional fitness – bodybuilding for competitive form adhere to exactly this % and lower for aesthetics, and drop the maximum limit % below 10 in order to be as dry as possible, in the eyes of the judges than the drier the better. Accordingly, the abs on the stomach are better visible and the outline of all muscle groups is better visible. It is known that in order to achieve sports competitive shape, many athletes and coaches use sports supplements that accelerate the reduction in % subcutaneous fat.

Where is it better to train your abs at home or in the gym?

Those who have just started their workouts can start at home, without equipment, barbells, dumbbells, exercise machines, a mat will be enough, if you want to pump up your abs faster, you will need free weights, exercise machines, a bench, a horizontal bar; those who want to lose weight can exercise at home for a long time, increasing the intensity of the load, and if the goal is to gain weight, as an option, knowing the basis of exercises with a barbell and dumbbells. You can buy yourself a collapsible dumbbell barbell and practice at home.

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The influence of genetics on the abdominal muscles

Genetics as the main main factor of success, many novice athletes do not think that each person has an individual body type, it is a known fact that those who have an ectomorph and mesomorph body type are much easier to pump up their abs than a mesomorph, due to the physiological characteristics of the body, so if you watch the videos of many lean athletes, after a month of training, the muscles can be clearly seen better, the drawing of the cubes is more visible.

Load and intensity on the abdominal muscles frequency

Load and intensity, the rules that must be followed to achieve results, many neglect these rules, as a result, the desired ideal abs do not appear quickly, patience, rest between workouts, cyclical loads are important factors.

How many times a week should you train your abs?

The press, like any other muscle group, needs recovery after each workout, even if it didn’t hurt after the workout. It is always necessary to give 2 – 3 days a week a rest; during the exercise, when you exercised, you used up muscle glycogen, the muscles contracted and received microtraumas, the indicator of muscle pain is one of the factors that you gave a good load. It is always recommended that if pain is present, you should recover until it goes away.

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How many sets of abdominal reps should you do?

If you are a beginner athlete, then 2 – 3 approaches will be enough for you, including 2 – 3 exercises in the first month – two workouts will be enough for you to adapt the muscles, get used to it, the main and obvious indicator that you do not have enough load if you trained your abs on strength and he was not sick. It is important to increase the load, but not the number of exercises. For strength, usually perform up to 10 repetitions, for endurance, up to 50 times. It’s important to consider your goal.

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Press photo

Press photos that you can keep for yourself as an example – what kind of exercises are there to perform and which you cannot do without. All famous athletes work out their abs not only on exercise machines; those who need endurance, for example, fighters, wrestlers, football players, boxers, where sports are associated with endurance and speed qualities, work out their abs with their own weight, doing exercises for time and speed, photos will help you .

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Is it effective to pump the press on the horizontal bar?

Wall-mounted horizontal bar, or on the street, to help girls, guys to pump up their abdominal muscles, the main principle is to raise your legs, either at the knees or straight, or even hold them statically, not many girls can simply hold on due to lack of strength in the forearms and hands hands, it is quite difficult to hold your own body weight while hanging, it is easier for men. Exercises on the horizontal bar are more effective if done correctly, creating more and better stress on the muscles than doing exercises with your own body weight on the floor while lying down.

Is the press roller effective or not?

The abdominal roller is one of the most effective exercises in any gym, with the help of which it is possible to create the maximum maximum load on the muscles, kneeling or at full height; for beginners, the load on the knees will be sufficient; for those with experience, you can do it at full height. growth, with full range of motion, which is quite difficult, but possible.

How to quickly pump up your abs – formula for success

Quickly pump up your abs: myth or reality? Actually reality! By adhering to the above, you can get results from training quickly and for a long time, the main thing is to practice on a regular basis, if you stop training, the result will get worse over time, if you don’t eat right, excess subcutaneous fat will appear, your abs will float. The relief will disappear. The formula for success lies in consistency of exercise and adherence to nutritional rules.

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